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Top 3 Reasons to Avoid Online Legal Document Services

Online legal document services have been gaining in popularity because everyone is trying to save as much money as possible. What many people do not understand is that these boilerplate documents can end up costing you much more than hiring a qualified Georgia Attorney.

When you use a free service like online legal documents, you have to remember that you get what you pay for. These “legal documents” have quite a few drawbacks and the services try to hide them from their clients.

Here are the three biggest reasons to avoid online document services:

The law is different depending on which state that you reside in. If you were to download a form for a will and you did not ensure that it was valid in Georgia then your family would be in big trouble. Unless you took it to a Georgia lawyer to have the will validated then you would not know anything is wrong until you had passed away and your family would have the headache of dealing with an invalid will. If you are going to have an online form validated then it would make more sense to have the Georgia Attorney draw up the will from scratch. It would probably cost about the same and it would be tailored to your circumstances.
Online forms are do it yourself projects. You are not a Georgia Attorney and you do not have the knowledge that you need to spot problems in the forms. When you download an online legal document, you are just hoping that the person who wrote it did not make any mistakes. Since they are giving these forms away for free they are probably not taking the time to check all of the details. If you are trying to do something that needs a legal document then it has to be important. You owe it to yourself to take the extra time to contact a Georgia Lawyer before you download a free form. There will usually be no charge for the consultation and most of the time the price is reasonable and the results are superior to online forms.
Language is important! Since the online forms are designed to work for most people they are very general and will not fit your situation exactly. Georgia Lawyers can help you and your family by adding in custom language that removes some of the most annoying problems in the legal process. For instance, did you know that a Georgia Attorney can write language into a will that will prevent your witnesses from having to appear in probate court? That language is not included in stock forms but it is a big advantage to your family and friends.

If you have an issue that requires a legal document to solve then you should not be using free forms. A qualified Georgia Attorney can guide you through the legal process and answer any questions that you may have. Contact one today and set up your free consultation.

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FMS give Cape Town road users access to real-time traffic info

Day and night, 240 CCTV cameras strategically placed on Cape Town’s major freeways feed real-time information on traffic conditions to SANRAL’s Traffic Management System. According to Randall Cable, engineering manager for operations at SANRAL, the video feeds from these cameras are sent to a central control room at the Traffic Management Centre in Goodwood.

Transport Management Centre Control Room, Goodwood
Transport Management Centre Control Room, Goodwood

Speaking at a FleetWatch Brake & Tyre Watch event in Cape Town, he said: “The centre is operated jointly by SANRAL, the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape government, as part of the Freeway Management System (FMS) that became operational in 2010.”

The operations centre incorporates both transport- and safety-related functions. Since its inception, the Traffic Management System has helped coordinated response teams get to the scenes of more than 12,300 crashes on Cape Town’s major freeways. Real-time information about Cape Town freeway traffic conditions are available at i-TRAFFIC and on Twitter @CapeTownFreeway (for more detailed info).

“This service can save road users time and frustration by providing data on congestion, crashes and other traffic incidents as they happen, so they can plan their routes better and avoid problem areas,” Cable said. The site is updated by FMS operators and, in many cases, photos are included in the tweet to illustrate the impact and location of the incident.

Arming road users with accurate traffic information

“Through the dedicated FMS website, road users can literally scan the traffic flow on their planned freeway route,” Cable said. “Road users have ready access to real-time speed maps and visuals from more than 240 CCTV cameras along the city’s busiest freeways.

“Imagine being able to sit in your office in the CBD and see real-time images, speeds and travel times on your route home. People can plan better and make more productive use of their time when they are more informed. This service is all about arming road users with accurate traffic information,” he said.

FMS give Cape Town road users access to real-time traffic info

The FMS covers the N1, from the CBD to the Huguenot Toll Plaza; the N2 from the CBD to the top of Sir Lowry’s Pass; the R300 between the N1 and the N2; the M5 between the N1 and N2 and the N7 between the N1 and the Potsdam Interchange. In all, approximately 155km of the busiest freeways in Cape Town are under 24/7 surveillance.

Cable said traffic services and FMS operators work closely together to ensure the best service to road users. “The ability to coordinate a multi-agency response to a major incident, from a single location that has a real-time video feed, has already saved Cape Town motorists hundreds of hours of frustration in congestion and delays.”

SANRAL, in partnership with the provincial government of the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town, have funded the implementation of the CT FMS. Apart from the numerous CCTV cameras, SANRAL runs 53 electronic boards, or Variable Message Signs (VMS) along Cape Town freeways, which are also used to convey updated information to motorists.

New traffic facility opens in Atlantis

The City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security Directorate has officially opened a new traffic facility in Atlantis. The new Atlantis Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) is big enough to accommodate all services and nearly 50 staff members.

New traffic facility opens in Atlantis New traffic facility opens in Atlantis New traffic facility opens in Atlantis

For years, the DLTC shared premises with the Atlantis Fire and Rescue Service and Disaster Risk Management. The lack of space was a source of frustration for both staff and clients and affected the quality of service delivery.

“It was a tight squeeze for far too long and we dealt with complaints from the public, but also staff from the various departments who were at times hampered in the effective execution of their duties because there was simply too much going on and not enough space to do it in,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

In February 2012, the City’s Traffic Service identified a vacant property close to the existing DLTC that proved suitable for a driving licence testing centre and a base from which to facilitate traffic operations for deployment of traffic officers. In addition, the 4,841m² would also easily accommodate a test track for motorcycles and light motor vehicles.

The facility was completed at a total cost of just over R10,1 million which included acquiring the building from the previous owner and refurbishing it in line with the needs of a driving licence testing centre. It will accommodate 20 administrative staff members, six driving licence examiners, and 20 traffic officers.

“We are committed to providing quality facilities and services to our clients and this is but the latest example. However, as the adage suggests, good things really do take time. Our list of priorities doesn’t always align with the available budget, but we are trying our utmost to do as much as possible with the resources apportioned to the Directorate. I trust the Atlantis community will enjoy the new facilities and that the service will meet their expectations.

“The City of Cape Town now has 18 driving licence testing centres. Where the waiting time for appointments once hovered at six to 12 months, it is now down to two days at some centres and is only two weeks at Atlantis,” said Smith.

Cape Town impounds more than 300 Uber vehicles

Storm clouds continue to gather around app-based ride service Uber as more than 300 of its partner drivers’ vehicles have been impounded by the City of Cape Town.
Picture: Reuters
This is the latest in a string of setbacks for Uber, which has been under fire from metered-taxi associations that have bemoaned the e-hailing service’s unfair advantage.

Cape Town traffic services spokesman Richard Coleman confirmed on Wednesday that metro officials had impounded 302 Uber vehicles since the beginning of the year. However, Coleman denied that the city was targeting Uber partner drivers, clarifying that its officials were carrying out random operations to enforce the law.

He explained that when a vehicle was impounded, its owner had to pay a fine to secure its release. If the vehicle was impounded again, the fine increased.

In 2015, Uber accused law-enforcement agencies in Cape Town of targeting its partner drivers in a blitz that resulted in more than 200 vehicles being impounded. The company blamed the clampdown on its drivers not having permits for metered taxis.

Some partner drivers, who are still awaiting operating permits, alleged that traffic officers seemed to be targeting Uber vehicles.

“We know that officers look out for sedan vehicles with a smartphone mounted somewhere near the dash (board) … That is how they pick out Uber drivers,” said a driver, who asked not to be named.

The partner driver said Uber had promised to pay fines when vehicles were impounded, allowing drivers to continue operating while awaiting permits. The driver conceded that this could be seen as a way of circumventing the law.

Uber did not respond to detailed questions about the impoundings and its supposed arrangement to pay off fines.

In a general statement, however, the company said that partner drivers had completed the requisite steps for permits under the National Land Transport Act.

“For over two-and-a-half years, we have been actively working with regulators across SA to adopt appropriate regulations to accommodate new technologies that can help solve many of the current problems with urban transportation — safety, accessibility and lost productivity at work,” an Uber spokesperson said.

Earlier in 2016, the Cabinet approved the National Land Transport Amendment Bill, under which Uber and metered taxis fall.

Uber had pushed for an e-hailing subcategory to be included in the bill, but the government rejected this.

Tips For Choosing The Best Legal Service For Residents With Traffic Tickets

To make roads safe for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, traffic violation tickets are given to people who break traffic laws. These can be non-moving or moving traffic laws such as illegal parking, speeding, overdue traffic meters, drunken driving, or failing to use signals for turning. The traffic ticket will note the date to appear in court to plead guilty or not guilty. For people who have been given a traffic ticket, there are times when it may be beneficial to fight the ticket.

There are many reasons why you might choose to fight a traffic ticket that includes: Police officer may not show up for the hearing and the court might dismiss the case, you may be able to have your case plea bargained to lesser charge, you may want to keep more demerit points from being applied to your driving record, or you think the police officer made a mistake and you think you can prove it such as a speed measuring device was not working properly. In such cases, it is wise to hire a legal service that specializes in traffic violation cases.

Below are some tips to choosing the best legal service for residents with traffic tickets:

Traffic Specialization: The legal services you choose should have experience with traffic violation cases. An attorney that specializes in this area of the law will be experienced, competent, and understand the traffic laws. A lawyer with inadequate experience will reduce the chances of a successful outcome.

Local Legal Services: The legal services that you select should be local because it means they know the laws, the legal system in your area, and even the all of the court officials. He or she will know what the judges and lawyers are like so there will be an increased chance of a positive outcome.

Costs: It is always a good idea to compare fees of legal services that specialize in traffic violation cases. However, just because you choose a legal service with the lowest fee, it does not mean they are inefficient. It is better to have a a quality and experienced traffic ticket legal services so price should be a factor, but not a main factor.

Search Online: Searching online is a great way to locate legal services that specialize in traffic violations. Their websites will list their services, years of experience, education, success stories…etc. It is a fast and easy method to find legal services that specialize in traffic law.

Receiving a traffic ticket can be a real annoyance. With a traffic ticket, you can receive a hefty fine, demerit points applied to your driving record, an increase in auto insurance rates, lose your license, and even possibly go to jail. It may be advantageous to fight a traffic ticket to avoid such negative consequences. If you do choose to fight the ticket, it is important to have a legal service team that specializes in traffic ticket cases as it will increase the chance of a positive and successful outcome.

Tips To Choose A Reputed Road Traffic Accident Lawyer

If you are planning to file a road traffic accident compensation claim after an accident, it is always advised to hire the services of a professional solicitor who can help you in getting the maximum compensation that you deserve.

You may find thousands of lawyers who deal in road traffic accident compensation claim, doing good business these days. You need to hire a lawyer who is specialised in road traffic accident compensation claim. You may come across many lawyers who take care of every case that comes their way but you must only choose a solicitor who has dealt with a good number of cases pertaining to road traffic accident compensation claim. The professional you are dealing with must know all the details of your case. He must possess expertise to handle a particular type of case, must have the ability to interpret medical and accidental reports and must have the strength to represent you in filing a road traffic accident compensation claim.

You must search for a good lawyer to file road traffic accident compensation claim as soon as possible after the accident. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for your lawyer to collect the necessary evidences to defend you or prove the negligence of the other party.

Personal recommendations are the best way to find a capable solicitor who would help you in filing a road traffic accident compensation claim. You acquaintances would refer you to lawyers whom they have referred to file a claim. The Internet is also a valuable resource that can help you to search a good solicitor as there are many legal directory websites that list the lawyers in particular area or locality. These websites give plenty of information such as client testimonials, biographies of solicitors and further information on filing a road traffic accident compensation claim. Many people are reluctant to hire the service of a lawyer as they think that the solicitors charge a lot of money. Lawyers dealing in road traffic accident compensation claim charge a good amount for rendering their services but they help you get maximum compensation that you deserve to meet your medical expenses and other daily expenses.

If you want to know more about the lawyers who deal in road traffic accident compensation claim or want to know more about road traffic accident injury and road traffic accident solicitors, please visit

Personal recommendations are the best way to find a capable solicitor who would help you in filing a road traffic accident compensation claim. You acquaintances would refer you to lawyers whom they have referred to file a claim. The Internet is also a valuable resource that can help you to search a good solicitor as there are many legal directory websites that list the lawyers in particular area or locality. These websites give plenty of information such as client testimonials, biographies of solicitors and further information on filing a road traffic accident compensation claim. Many people are reluctant to hire the service of a lawyer as they think that the solicitors charge a lot of money. Lawyers dealing in road traffic accident compensation claim charge a good amount for rendering their services but they help you get maximum compensation that you deserve to meet your medical expenses and other daily expenses.

If you want to know more about the lawyers who deal in road traffic accident compensation claim or want to know more about road traffic accident injury and road traffic accident solicitors, please visit

Car Insurance That Drives You To The Finish Line

Car insurance companies want to make you their lifetime customer. Research your options online, and you’ll find the best insurance companies for you and your car without having to listen to a heavy sales pitch, and without having to succumb to their business hours. Finish the race for car insurance and shop online to get your car on the road in no time.

Car Insurance is as mandatory as a driver’s license – but not as easy. There are few options when applying for a driver’s license. You know where to get your driver’s license, and the legal requirements are clearly set forth. There is no competition between companies to issue you your driver’s license. But once you get a car, insurance companies claiming to have the best insurance to insure you, and insure your car, (and whatever else you need insured), will be driving themselves mad to reach you first and convince you that their insurance company is the best insurance company for you. Car Insurance is insurance that is often needed for life – which makes you a lucrative target for insurance companies.

Everyone’s needs are different, and the minimum car insurance required by law will depend on your local regulations. If you don’t know your minimum needs, you can inquire at the office where you obtained your driver’s license, or go to your government’s website and search for mandatory car insurance, or simply call a well-known insurance company and ask them. The “best” insurance companies, by popularity, will likely give you an answer, and a list of reasons why you need more than minimal coverage. You will surely receive a sales pitch.

Sitting through sales pitches can get tiresome, annoying, and even confusing when different car insurance companies give you contradictory information. That is one of many reasons why learning about car insurance, shopping for online car insurance, and getting online quotes online, on the Internet, is more efficient than calling insurance companies on the phone. The top insurance companies will certainly have a website, and there are many specialized car insurance companies that have an online presence but are not listed in your local phone book. Many of the online companies now offer instant quotes after submitting information about your car and your location into an online form. (Your location will effect your quote.) Searching for car insurance online can give the most information, the best insurance policy options, the most quotes, and the cheapest car insurance quotes available in the most efficient manner – making an online search the best use of your time.

Car insurance is a major expense, and purchasing car insurance requires researching the companies, their rates, their policy coverage, their discounts and payment plans, and asking many questions to find the best car insurance company for you. One of the best car insurance companies for you may not be the best company for someone else. A recommendation for the best insurance companies from a friend will give you an idea of some of the more reliable companies, but because car insurance companies offer so many different policy options, the art of finding one of the best companies that meet your needs requires looking past those first few recommendations.

Car insurance is far more expensive than getting a driver’s license. The best insurance companies will work with you to create the best policy for you needs. Taking time to search online car insurance companies to find the best policies and the cheapest car insurance rates for your insurance policy will provide you with the best protection, the best safety – and the best savings. Finish the legal requirements for getting your car on the road without going broke, and without wasting your time. You can start and finish your research on car insurance companies online now, and your car can get back to driving your life where you want it to go – legally. Get yourself online, and your car will be on the road in no time.

Buy Targeted Traffic To Promote A Product On Your Website Increase Web Site Traffic For A Product Pr

Website traffic needs to be increased during product promotion. You can increase your web site traffic from new visitors when you buy targeted traffic services from a website traffic promotion company that offers targeted marketing services.

Buying targeted traffic to promote a product can increase web site traffic that will be receptive to your offer. A successful promotion will lead to significant return traffic – and successful financial returns. If your website is relatively new, a sharp increase in web site traffic can give you a jump start in gaining return visitors and gaining recognition with the search engines. A mature website can promote a specific product for instant returns from the purchased targeted traffic. A traffic service provider can provide new and mature websites with the spike in traffic needed to gain healthy returns from your product’s promotion.

A successful marketing strategy will consist of a mix of website campaigns to promote your website. A company to buy targeted traffic from can help you advertise each promotion by marketing your website to the target market that is most likely to buy your product. When you don’t buy targeted traffic for a product promotion, you are limited to sales from the percentage of website visitors that would be interested in that specific product. When you buy targeted traffic that is targeted for a specific product, rather than your website in general, you will likely generate a much higher return from your product’s promotional campaign.

To promote your website and increase web site traffic it is necessary to run multiple promotional campaigns to your website’s traffic potential. An easy way to increase your visibility on the web is to run individual campaigns for each product on your website to individual target markets. When you buy targeted traffic from a traffic service provider and a flat rate is given for the audience that is reached, it’s relatively easy to figure out the return on your investment. Simply compare the cost of the traffic produced to your total sales and determine your net profit. Due to the low cost of reaching hundreds or thousands of customers when you buy targeted traffic services, your return on investment can be substantially higher compared to other marketing campaigns.

Your product promotion will not only increase web site traffic and facilitate product sales, it will also give you the opportunity to analyze your product mix. By running individual campaigns for each specific product, you will be able to analyze the data from the collaborated sales results. You will be able to determine the strong performers in your product line and determine whether or not you have defined your optimal target market. Promoting a product when you buy targeted traffic will also give you an opportunity to test the product on different target markets to determine which market gives you the highest return.

Buy targeted traffic and see how well your products perform. You will increase your web site traffic and earn a healthy return from your sales. Your satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends, and your sharp increase in traffic will bring you years of happy financial returns.